The Heart of Fun in Eastern Kentucky

Just Relax.

There’s plenty to do in West Liberty and the surrounding area to keep you busy for days, but there’s also plenty of ways you can come here to just unwind for a bit.

Grab Your Camera...

We have mile after mile of highways in Morgan County, all of them winding in and out and around of some of the most scenic landscapes in this area.  In spring, the redbuds come alive and paint the hills, while the sleepy little daffodils pop their heads up in the rolling fields that are slowing turning a deeper shade of green.

You’ll also find quite a canvas that time has painted, where water tumbles over, winds around, or carves through rock cliffs and arches, creating a beauty that is worthy of more than a few photos.

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...or A Rock Hammer

We have natural features, but even some of our man-made features present an opportunity to just pull over and explore.Road cuts like this one expose MILLIONS of years of history stored right there in the rocks.  Kentucky is one of the most studied areas in the country geologically, in large part because of how much rock has to be exposed to build the roads that cut through these hills we all come home.  Just a few little pecks on the right rock might reveal something that’s been hidden for a pretty long while. 

So drive the roads or pull over to the side of one and carefully have a look around.  You never know what you might find!

(Of course, ALWAYS be safe and never trespass or create a dangerous situation.)

The Choice is Yours

Whether you are ready to play hard or just want to take a little time to let the world fade away, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.